From the President

Should It Stay or Should It Go

There’s a meme floating around social media with a picture of an old, yellow refrigerator that reads:”2022 Appliance: breaks within two years.  1980’s Refrigerator (pictured):

Appliances and the ‘Good Old Days’

“Appliance is nearing, at the end, or past its life expectancy.  Budget accordingly for future repair or replacement”. This is an insert seen regularly with

Changes in (L)attitude

I’m not sure if it’s age or if I’m growing numb to the ever-depressing headlines of today’s news, but the Weather Channel fascinates me. A

Rent or Buy

As we round the halfway point of the year, I’d like to recognize and thank everyone who reads and supports my articles. As my predecessor,

Swimming Pools…Movie Stars

Whether it’s the melody of Mele Kalikimakai or the image of cousin Eddie and/or Nicolette Scorsese (the girl in the red bathing suit),  everyone remembers

Fraud Liability

For security purposes, it’s time to change your password.  Your new password requirements must be 7-20 characters, must contain a number, a symbol, a capital

Just Take Your Shoes Off

Think back to the last time you visited a friend’s house. You walk up to the door and press the RING/doorbell or knock on the

Real Estate Myths

My credo as a REALTOR® is to provide clients tools and resources so they can make the best decision for their family. A few weeks

Fair Housing Act

The National Association of REALTORS® recognizes April as Fair Housing Month. The Fair Housing Act is a federal law enacted in 1968 that prohibits discrimination