From the President

Sale of Buyer’s Home

Forever homes seem like a thing of the past. As the needs of homeowners change over the course of their life, thus is the need

Happy Halloween

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Fall is in full swing. Leaves are at peak foliage, football season is well under way, and

Listening 101

Having spent most of my working career in the sales industry, I am insulted by the old saying, “he could sell a snow cone to

What About a Carrier Pigeon

Chances are you have at least one contact on your phone from which you dread receiving a call. Maybe he’s a nice enough person, but

Shaking Hands Kissing Babies

Real estate is  a contract sport. Realtors® need closure. Running comps is my cardio. I need your listing, I sold all of mine. These are

Crypto Currency

What do you think of when you hear the word: cryptocurrency?  Whether you’re a fan, a skeptic, or simply confused, the reality is that cryptocurrencies

Safety Vol. 4

My wife and I have two (2) kids attending WVU. I think kids reach a certain age where they no longer hear the parental commands:

Wire Fraud

Carly Andreatos was just days away from buying her first house when an email came from her attorney’s office.  In it, she found directions for

Safety Vol. 2

As I illustrated last week, the REALTOR® profession can be a pretty dangerous career path. The adage ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound


Labor Day, a new school year, the start of football season, and the first day of Fall (9/22) are all notable dates in September.   Something