From the President

Priority Shift

In 1981, the Royal Wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana took place. NASA launched the very first space shuttle mission (Columbia). Raiders of the

Supply and Demand

What if we could negotiate the price per gallon of gasoline at our local gas station? Imagine taking a gallon of milk and a pound

Wrapping Up Inspections

As we round out the topic of inspection contingencies, I’ll remind you of a few key points thus far. First, inspections are optional.  However they

Home Maintenance

Whether you are beginning the listing process in an aggressive Spring market, preparing for an upcoming property inspection, or just continuing to follow some basic

The Value of Inspections

Imagine buying a dress or a suit, without ever trying it on to see how it fits. What if you had to buy a car


This week we will discuss something near and dear to the heart of the CDC that is NOT COVID.  Since the CDC has declared January