From the President

Wire Fraud

Carly Andreatos was just days away from buying her first house when an email came from her attorney’s office.  In it, she found directions for

Safety Vol. 2

As I illustrated last week, the REALTOR® profession can be a pretty dangerous career path. The adage ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound


Labor Day, a new school year, the start of football season, and the first day of Fall (9/22) are all notable dates in September.   Something

DIY vs Trades

A few weeks ago, I shared the spotlight on our local  mortgage lenders and the advantage to working with local professionals instead of ‘discount’ online

For Sale Rent

Think about when you see an address of a home you are interested in seeing.  You send it to your REALTOR® and anxiously await when

Hire a REALTOR#211

If you’ve bought, or are in the buying process, in real estate in the last 12-18 months, you’ve likely been a participant of a multiple

Shop Local

In support of our local business owners, several years ago  my wife and I declared Friday night as ‘Local’s Night’.  Every Friday we would wrap


Number of bedrooms. Number of bathrooms. Fenced (or fence-able) back yard. Finished basement. 2 stall garage. Your budget.  Close (or far) from town. These are

If These Walls Could Talk (part 3)

As we close out the disclosure series, I’ll circle back around to the Amityville Horror example I started last week. Though extreme, thanks to decades

If These Walls Could Talk (part 2)

You’ve got to check out this new listing. A Dutch Colonial home, which is positioned on the waterfront in an affluent coastal village built back